About Drakkar Group


My name is Mark Maddern.  I’m a Financial Planner and a Wealth Coach based in Melbourne. 

For over a decade, I’ve worked in the Financial Advice space helping people achieve their financial goals and objectives.  Having literally had thousands of client conversations, I couldn’t help but feel like that the people who really needed quality financial advice were either not recognising that they needed it, felt like they didn’t have enough money to ask for it or were just simply putting their heads in the sand and putting it off. 

A few years ago, my wife and I had our first child and it threw my entire world into a spin (for the better).  Priorities didn’t just shift, but completely changed.  Things like family time, where we wanted to live and work/life balance became the focus.  

It became apparent that we live in an age in which we are so easily distracted from the things that really matter!   

I started to notice on a daily basis the people I know (and those that I’ve met), can tell you the winner of last years’ AFL Grand Final, the current UFC Heavy Weight Champion, the contestant lineup on the Voice, MasterChef, the Block blah blah blah…  

What most of them can’t do, is tell you the next move they are going to make to improve their financial situation?  The interest rate on their Credit Cards?  What they are doing to reduce their tax bill?  How they would handle their current mortgage payments if their partner passed away or couldn’t work?  What would happen to their Estate?  The list goes on and on. 

I wanted to create a business that can not only provide comprehensive and highly bespoke Financial Planning Advice but was also able to help fill the void on everyday Australians’ financial literacy. 

Being fair to consumers, it’s not their fault.   

Schools teach a fraction of the Financial knowledge that people will become exposed to throughout their life, governments and regulatory bodies change rules constantly and financial companies make products that are so complicated that at face value you need a PHD just to understand the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement). 

It felt like a giant conspiracy.  That the world has gone out of its way to overcomplicate the financial environment to the point that you need to pay incredible fees just to avoid paying incredible fees. 

It started with a vision.  To empower everyday Australians to live the lives they want by holding them accountable to a financial plan and making sure they stay on track to achieve their desired goals.

As a result, ‘The Drakkar Group’ was born!



Picture the 'Drakkar' Longboat, the iconic Viking vessel with a dragon head prow, known far and wide for its unparalleled prowess on both deep oceans and shallow waters, offering limitless versatility. These ships, when used for military or exploration, would adorn their sides with shields, safeguarding not only the vessel itself but also the brave souls aboard.

But what does all this have to do with financial planning, you ask? Well, we're firm believers in the power of mental imagery. The Drakkar represents a long journey, adaptability in maneuvering, and steadfast protection—essentially, it embodies the core concepts of financial planning.

Just as the sailors of these remarkable vessels needed a clear destination, a thorough assessment of resources, and a well-plotted course, we guide you in setting financial goals, understanding your current situation, and crafting a robust plan. We stress-test that plan, ensuring it's resilient in the face of potential setbacks, and provide a timeline for your financial expedition, tracking your progress along the way.

The Viking legacy was built on strength, determination, and unwavering community support. The only missing piece was the right tailwind to propel them forward.

That's where we come in. We are Drakkar Group, your financial tailwind and dedicated support crew, ready to propel you toward success in your financial campaign. Join us in this exciting journey to turn your financial dreams into reality!


Drakkar Group is a boutique financial planning firm which is Privately Owned (i.e. not owned by any Bank or Insurance Company). 

All of our Advisers and Staff Members are salaried, which removes any specific sales incentive from the process.

All of this was done consciously, so that you can rest assured that the advice you receive will be given in your best interest at all times.

Mark Maddern and Drakkar Group Pty Ltd are Authorised Representatives of Synchron Australian Financial Services Licensee No. 243313 for the purposes of Financial Planning Advice only.


  • Strategic Financial Advice
  • Cashflow
  • Improving Financial Behaviours
  • Investment Advice
  • Superannuation Advice (inc. SMSF)
  • Insurance (Life/TPD, Income Protection, Trauma)
  • Debt management
  • Wealth Succession and Estate Planning
  • Structures, Entities and Ownership